Top States for Female Entrepreneurs

1997 is a remarkable year for women entrepreneurs because female-owned businesses in the United States of America has skyrocketed by more than 50 percent! The states in America have invested in entrepreneur mentorship courses and propelling high-tech labor force. Success in entrepreneurship is not just about getting brilliant ideas. They have searched for the best places of big opportunities. Check out the list of states which flourish the largest companies managed by self-made businesswomen.

California, The Golden State
California has created an innovation hub program for entrepreneurship. The state also promotes long term economic growth. The GO-Biz Innovation and Entrepreneurship unit in California has established a good network of pool resources and firms with regional economic development authorities, local governments and private groups. California also offers small business assistance and expansion of entrepreneurship courses as a way of strengthening the entrepreneurial spirit of individuals. California touts 88 women led companies.

New York, The Big Apple  
New York offers an ecosystem for the development of entrepreneurs by providing information, training and new competitions.  The state enthusiastically conducts extensive researches on businesses that can elevate communities and generate jobs. The WE NYC aims to empower women entrepreneurs to reach their full economic potential. New York has 63 companies managed by women.

Texas, The Lone Star State
Texas has become one of the best hubs for women entrepreneurship. The state associates with artisans in the developing countries to shoppers in United States.  Texas, has a total of 55 firms led by women industrialists.

Virginia, The Mother of States
Virginia is committed to provide assistance for women who wants to grow in their entrepreneurship by active networking and enterprise. The mission of CIT or Center for Innovative Technology in Virginia is to promote economic growth based in technology. Virginia has 52 women-led companies.

Florida, The Sunshine State
Florida is one of the states with highest business birth rate. It is not just a place with thriving flora and fauna. The state does not concentrate on innovation but it offers entrepreneur-friendly policies. The Florida Women’s Business Center offers programs that are tailored to the specific needs of the woman entrepreneur. Florida boasts 45 firms controlled by women.

New Jersey, The Garden State
New Jersey actively advocates women entrepreneurship by assisting them in launching and growing gainful businesses. The Women’s Center for Entrepreneurship Corporation in Florida helps in developing strategic management methods, acquiring resource network and referral, accessing capital and in marketing the business. New Jersey is proud itself with 33 women-led corporations.