Tips for Creating Your Own Branding Videos

Creating a company branding video may seem like a daunting task. You should have a vision regarding what you want to convey to the audience. You should have a few main points written down and get a little help creating a dialogue to ensure that you are using the right language for the audience. A branding video should be about the business, what it does, and why it was started. Consumers need to understand why your brand should be their first choice.

Use Real Employees

Refrain from using actors. Real employees help display a company’s culture and introduces a brand to an audience. Consumers want to recognize the faces they saw in a video when they walk into a location. Feature one or two employees per video, with one being in ownership or a high level of management. Consumers need that personal interaction to help build trust in a brand.

Messages from Ownership

Each business owner should speak for a few seconds in a branding video. The audience needs to see who is behind the business and what their approach to the business is. A few sentences are all that the owner should be asked to say as owners are very busy and their time is limited. The chosen words should be from the mind of the owner and polished by a professional marketing writer to make the best impact possible.

Use Local Resources

Keep your resources local. Supporting local businesses, including local video production services, adds immediate value to your brand. Consumers support businesses that support other local businesses. Local economies are important, and supporting them keeps jobs and revenue within the community. Props should also be sourced locally. Keep as much of your branding video focused on local resources as possible.

Include Statistics

Consumers like numbers and facts. Include a few statistics comparing your product or service to another, without bashing any of your competition. Simply stress how your product or service is available locally and show how it out-performed national brands in local testing. Do not flood the audience with statistics — a couple is sufficient.

Integrate Reason for Startup

Consumers want to know why a brand is setting up shop in their local areas. A quick explanation of why a city was chosen for a brand’s location shows appreciation to the local community and a want to help a local community by bringing more jobs. This personal touch in a branding video reaches audiences and draws them in to listen longer. Explaining that the brand chose the location due to the need for the product or service in an area is ideal – refrain from mentioning money making potential as consumers do not want to know how much you plan to earn from their purchases.

Final Thoughts

Have some patience during the filming and editing stages as these take time. It may take all day to get sufficient footage to make a seamless video. No matter how many attempts it takes, participate throughout the entire process with an open mind. Make sure you view the final product before it is distributed to ensure that no changes need to be made.