The Top Upcoming Women Movements

As a woman, I feel that all women should be up to date on the latest issues surrounding female culture. It is essential that women work together to uplift and encourage each other. We all face issues of unfairness, from equal pay to medical insurance coverage. Over the decades, there have been several advances in regards to political and civil rights but the United States still has a ways to go when it comes to dealing with gender inequality. Women’s rights achievements of the 20th century have been at risk, especially considering the republican party of the US. Republicans want to deny women the right to control their body, deny equal pay as well as prevent social and medical services that women need.

Equal Pay
Studies show that women of all ethnicity make less than the average white male in most avenues of employment. Equal rights in pay are an issue that plague all women. Women deserve to be paid just as much as a man for the same position of employment. In 2016, many women are looking at the presidential candidates, trying to determine who will have our best interests at heart and hopefully work to correct this issue. Women earn around 79 cents for every dollar that a man earns. The pay gap widens when you consider females of color. Women have the same, and sometimes better education than men, and still are not paid for their skill set properly.

Right to Choose
Women are also at risk of not having control over the decisions made for their own body. Planned Parenthood has been a hot topic of debate with republicans stating the medical option should be cut completely. The program helps women be able to have birth control, family planning, abortions, etc. Taking away this option would limit the choices of women when it comes to pregnancy and their reproductive health.

Health Insurance
Alongside Planned Parenthood, healthcare is a major issue. Women need to be able to be insured so we can go to the doctor when sick, have appointments scheduled for medical issues, etc. Many women are without proper health insurance because it just isn’t affordable. Every individual, not just women, should have access to quality health care.
In other countries, a universal health care system is in place. A program such as this would be a benefit to women. Women have higher health care expenses than men and have a much higher cost to paying health care out of pocket rather than via medical insurance. Because women make a lower wage, the money just isn’t there for insurance to help with medical expenses.

Essentially, all of these issues are connected. Women do not make as much so they cannot afford to have medical insurance or pay the cost of having a procedure done or medical visit. Planned Parenthood is a program that helps women afford to have birth control or the essential care for the reproductive system. All of these issues linked together show that women are not treated fairly and changes need to be made.

As women, we must come together and fight for change. Fight for our rights to be treated as equals. Equal pay, quality health care and the right to make our own decisions with our bodies. The time is now. Women across the United States are stating their opinion and voicing concern over women’s rights. Join us by learning more about women’s causes for 2016 and finding a presidential candidate this year who you feel will help to move women forward in a progressive and just manner. A change begins with us!