Keeping An Equal View While Making Progressive Moves

Because I am a business woman, I more than understand the issues with equality in the working world. For years I have seen women paid less for holding higher positions than men and seen women treated unfairly, not listened to when they hold a position of power. It is important for women to work together to be able to achieve goals and move up the corporate ladder. I feel it is also important for women to hold an equal view while doing so.

Equal Pay
In regards to equal pay, women are not concerned with making more than men. We simply want to make the same for working the same position. It has been proven time and time again that women make less than men, even when educated equally. Women want to be able to hold positions of power within a company, making the same as men. As we move up the corporate ladder, we keep this equal view, but also want to be progressive. We want to make an appropriate salary for our skill set, not based on gender.

Times Changed but Not Enough
The pay gap between men and women spans decades. In the 40s and 50s, it was basically unheard of for a woman to have a job outside the home. Women were seen as delicate beings who could not possibly do anything of value except for cooking, cleaning and raising babies. The 60s is when women began to fight for their rights and really began working outside the home. Despite the women’s movement, females were not accepted in the workplace and even today, decades later, we still have trouble being able to make the same amount as men who work the same position. Some women face a lesser salary for holding a position of a higher caliber than their male counterparts, which is even more frustrating.

While women try to be progressive and move up in the corporate world, most plan on keeping an equal view in regards to men and women. We do not feel that men deserve less but want to see ourselves earning more. Hopefully, in 2016, we can begin to see a change in pay rates and women will be given the opportunity to bring home the same earnings as men. It has been a long time coming and women need to be seen for their value and skills not just as a female.