How We Should All Be Helping Each Other

Most business owners feel that they should be at each other’s throats when it comes to being competitors. This is an age old approach that has worked well for some while essentially destroying the others business. Healthy competition is good but at what point do you stop going back and forth with competition and start working together? As a woman in the business world, I would much rather work with others, helping other businesses thrive just as I work on my own.

Expecting or Demanding?
Many business industries are cut throat and individuals will fail over and over as employers want only the best. While there is nothing wrong with wanting the best from your associates and employees, there is a line between being demanding and seeing the job done correctly. As a leader in my company, I work to ensure that each employee knows what they should be doing and I do this without being demanding.

So many times, I visit other companies and I see people running left and right, meeting demands of their employer. From outrageous coffee runs to complicated food orders, some business owners demand too much of their employees. We should be helping each other to succeed rather than using others for our own gain. I have seen time and time again where an intern will do anything to be in the employer’s good graces when the employer should be using their skills to actually teach the intern something.

Learning To Keep Power in Control
But with business ownership comes power, and most people are not equipped to handle the reins. It is important to remember that every person within a company wants to succeed. Even considering your competitors, they want to succeed. As a moral individual, you have an obligation to help others. As a business person, I use my skills to help others develop their own. Instead of bringing people down or asking outrageous demands, I choose to bring people up.

Use your position to elevate others rather than to seek your own gain. You will be successful in business as you will be in life. Help others to see their potential by hosting classes or seminars within the company. Work one on one with individuals to better their skills so they can not only help your business but also move up in the industry, able to succeed for themselves. You will find this type of business model is not only beneficial but also empowering as well.