Hidden Ways Women are Underpaid

It is no secret that women do not make as much as men in the workplace. Most women have to fight for higher positions within top companies and if the position is gained, will eventually find that they are not making as much as their male counterparts. Studies have shown that women with higher degrees of education can still make less than men who hold the same position in the work force but have a lesser degree of education.

As a woman in the business industry, I have found that there are hidden ways that women are underpaid. Women new to the work force may not realize the ways that men are earning more than them. There are ways to hide the fact and companies take these precautions to keep everyone happy.
Bonuses and Incentives
One way in which men and women’s pay can differ is with bonuses and promotions. Time and time again, a woman can receive less in bonus cash or incentives for sales in the business world than men. Women may receive a company car but a male employee will have a nicer model. Women can earn a cash bonus but then find out that male counterparts earned an extra $2,000 or more. These are just a few examples of how a bonus or incentive for an employee can vary from men and women.

Thankfully, not all employers are biased. There are businesses who take time to ensure each employee is treated equally, giving the same bonuses and rewards to men and women. It is these companies that are sought after by potential employees as they provide an option of equal rights for all individuals.

Vacation Time
Men can also receive more paid vacation time than women. Women, especially moms, may require more time off due to pregnancies or other family issues. In some cases, this time is not given or there is a penalty in pay for taking too much time off. For men, this is totally different. They earn massive amounts of vacation time in an unfair work environment and are not penalized for needing time off.

However, there are some companies who are offering more vacation time, especially for expectant mothers. Some employers are offering work from home options during pregnancy or after a baby is born, to allow the mom to continue working despite needing to be at home.

While men and women can both receive promotions within a company, men tend to be offered more in way of compensation during a promotion. It is odd, when thinking logically, that just because a person is male that they would earn more for a position that a woman is just as capable of, but she will be paid less. Nevertheless, it does happen. Women can still get a promotion to higher position within a company but will not receive the same compensation for the move as men.

Hopefully, the business world can progress and allow women to earn just as much as men, no matter the position. Women continue to fight for equal rights in the workforce and will continue to do so until a change is seen.