Be Brave, Take a Chance

Back in the olden days, women are treated as slaves, inferior beings, unintelligent, unable to make smart decisions, and a property. Women, cannot be given a leadership post. They weren’t seen credible enough to carry important and huge responsibilities. Inside their homes, women are just mere housewives and a slave in society. Today, women are more competent and individual. Little by little, the world is becoming more aware of the gender gap and gradually taking steps to eradicate it. Though women still have this innate feeling of aloofness and doubt within herself to be bold, if you want to do something great for yourself and the society, be brave. Take a chance.

Fulfill your dreams.
Even if it sounds crazy. Even though no one is supporting and believing in you. Even if the people around you have doubts. And even if you yourself aren’t sure if your plans will materialize or not. Take action and do what you want to be in life. Apply for that promotion or make your way to the highest post. Just try. Who knows if you are going to get the promotion? And if you don’t, at least you tried.

Present your idea that will improve a particular situation, or better yet act on that idea. Offer a solution, if not, act on that solution. Show everyone that you can. If you have the wisdom and skills for the right circumstance, you will do great. But you have to be bold and take a chance.

Proceed with your business plan.
Do not let that business idea rot and fade inside your idea box. Don’t hold back that great plan that will probably make a huge and positive change to the world. The planet and the society is now in turmoil, and we might need your brain. We might need your mouth, and your hands to help us. So do it.

It will be hard in the beginning, but who said that it’s going to be easy? You might not get enough support to go on, but they must not become the reason for you to  stop. And even if everyone will get angry with you for pursuing your goals, don’t get affected. In the first place, it is not your duty to please everyone. But you have the right to be happy, and this innate right should not be taken away from you.

You now have the time, the body, and the resources to do what’s necessary. Don’t waste that chance, and be brave. Take a chance.